Benefits of the Hotel Laundry Service Bundling Program

benefits-of-the-hotel-laundry-service-bundling-programThe benefits of partnering with a hotel laundry service are clear – savings in time, money, resources and space, not to mention the extra love for the environment – and there’s a way to get even more from outsourcing.

Clients who take their laundry process a step further gain even more savings in time and money that can be reinvested in creating the most memorable guest experiences possible.

Here are the benefits of what we call the hotel laundry service bundling program. And no, we don’t mean the cable-TV-phone kind of bundling. Keep reading to learn more…

Creating Room-Ready Bundles

The bundling program is our offering to create, you guessed it: bundles. As in, room-ready bundles of linens that have been professionally sorted, laundered, ironed, folded and packed into branded bags to be dropped off at guest rooms and ready to wow, pamper and impress.

For hotels, resorts and timeshares that opt for the bundling program, the process works as it usually does until the very end.

During laundering, linens are separated by type so that they can be properly dried, ironed if necessary, and folded. Typically, they’re then weighed one last time onsite and sent back to their properties, still separated.  

For bundling clients, this is where the magic happens. Instead of being sent back separated, linens are put together into bundles that contain everything different rooms need to be turned. The branded bags have handles that make them easy to transport for both housemen and housekeeping workers.

Bundling Benefits

Bundling has been a hit with large properties that have multiple sets of buildings to service, as well as guest rooms and apartments of different sizes.. 

By taking advantage of hotel service bundling, properties:

  • Save time. Housekeeping staff no longer have to spend time assembling sets of linens for each room or apartment, it’s already done.
  • Save space. Properties that outsource their laundry are already saving space by shutting down their OPL, or on-premise laundry room, but they still need square footage to have housekeeping staff unload their laundry delivery and prep. Handing off the bundling step to the professionals frees up even more space.
  • Save linens. Getting linens back prepacked and in protective bags means they aren’t being handled two or three more times after arriving back from the laundry. Cutting down on the handling also cuts back on the chances for staining or damage during storage.
  • Save the linen lifecycle. Linens, like all of us, need to rest between uses to perform at their best. With the bundling program, properties are assured that linens will be properly cycled and given the opportunity for some R&R before they’re used again.
  • Save you from surprises. With pay-as-you-go pricing, properties can order only the number of bundles they need.
  • Save money. Let’s face it, the right hotel laundry service can do it all – and that includes bundling – at a lower cost than our customers. That’s why so many properties choose to outsource, and it’s also why handing over more of the work makes the most sense. Not yet a believer? Try out our OPL Cost Calculator to get the true cost of your laundry. We bet you’ll be surprised by how much both direct and indirect costs – think maintenance and equipment depreciation – add up.

Ready for Room-Readiness?

Outsourcing your laundry is already cost-effective, efficient and sustainable, and opting for bundling takes those benefits to the next level. Curious? Contact us to get more information.