Before You Replace Your Hotel Laundry Machines, Read This First

before-you-replace-hotel-laundry-machines.jpgYour hotel laundry machines have served you well. They’ve logged countless hours and gallons ensuring your guests have restful sleep, your staff have crisply pressed uniforms and your operations are running smoothly.

So when it’s time to retire them, we understand when properties’ first inclination is to simply replace or upgrade without considering the alternatives. But jumping straight to replacement overlooks the potential savings in cost, time, space and resources of outsourcing.

Which is why we say: Before you replace your hotel laundry machines, read this first.

Save Money

One of the biggest – and most immediate – objections to outsourcing is properties’ belief that they can handle their laundry in house for a lower cost per load.

We’re not so sure about that.

Generally speaking, that’s true only if the total they have in mind doesn’t include hidden costs like maintenance and administrative costs, as well as the loss in value of equipment and facilities over time.

To calculate the true cost of your OPL, try out our Cost Calculator, a comprehensive tool that includes everything from labor to legal fees. Then see how your cost per load measures up.

Save Your Linens

Hotel laundry machines have an expected lifespan, like all of us, and it may just be that yours have reached their natural retirement age.

But if you’re looking at replacing your machines because they aren’t keeping up with demand any longer, it’s time to take stock of what that means and how you can avoid the same fate in the future.

Have you recently upgraded your luxury hotel bedding or towels? Did you add guest rooms or a pool/spa area? Is the quality being produced by your commercial laundry equipment just not what it used to be?

If you’ve increased the quantity and/or quality of your linens and laundry, replacing your machines will be costly, and the value of your new machines will only depreciate over time.

A commercial laundry provider will not only take that replacement cost off of your hands, they’ll have invested in modern equipment designed and built to be tough on stains and gentle on modern textiles.

Save the Environment

Large-scale, eco-friendly commercial laundry services are in the business of doing more with less. They process more laundry using less water and energy.

The tunnel washer technology found in commercial laundry facilities, for instance, uses four times less water than conventional washers.

Can your hotel laundry machines do that?

Outsourcing can reduce your property’s carbon footprint by handling your laundry using the most energy efficient methods possible.

Save Space

No matter where your property is located, your hotel laundry machines are occupying valuable real estate. And if you’re in a big city, the cost per square foot is even higher.

Shutting down your OPL and outsourcing your laundry gives you the opportunity to reclaim that space for a potential revenue generator, so rather than costing you money, that space is earning its keep.

Properties that have partnered with an commercial laundry service have transformed their laundry rooms into coffee shops, retail stores and even spas, while others have used the space for new and expanded offices.

Save the Best for Last

Saying goodbye to the commercial washers and dryers that have been with your property for years can be difficult. But consider that the end of your old equipment could be the beginning of the time when you get out of the laundry business altogether.

Before simply replacing your hotel laundry machines, it’s worth the time to investigate whether outsourcing is a better investment for your bottom line, linens and peace of mind.