Before Buying Commercial Laundry Equipment for Hotels, Consider 3 Things

commercial-laundry-equipment-for-hotels.jpgLike most large machines, commercial laundry equipment for hotels has a way of letting you know when it’s time to say goodbye.

Damage to hotel linen, frequent repairs or an inability to keep up with demand are just some of the ways your laundry machines for hotels will tell you that their lifecycle is ending.

Fortunately, you have plenty of options when it comes to upgrading or replacing your machines, and before you buy commercial laundry equipment for hotels, consider these three things.

Save Green By Buying Green

Hotels with on property laundry, or OPL hotels, use a considerable amount of water, gas and electricity every day to handle their linens, and given the volume, it’s worth investing in equipment that’s as energy efficient as possible.

Energy-saving washers and commercial dryers for hotels process laundry more efficiently, saving your property on utility bills and processing time.

Protect Your Linen Investment

Like your guests, your luxury hotel bedding, towels and robes deserve the best treatment available. Guests will keep coming back for more, or send referrals your way, and your linens will stay out of the rag pile longer.

When choosing commercial laundry equipment for hotels, do some research on what machines are best for your particular mix of linens.

Cut Costs with Outsourcing

If your laundry machines are going kaput, it may be time to shut down your OPL and convert to a commercial laundry service instead of replacing them.

Large-scale eco-friendly providers have high-tech equipment that allows them to do more laundry for less money, and they pass those savings on to customers.

Outsourcing takes the cost of maintaining and replacing your aging machines off your plate and frees up the valuable floors space that they currently occupy.

Last Word

Choosing energy efficiency and shopping with your linens in mind are two options for how to reduce hotel laundry costs when buying commercial laundry equipment for hotels. And outsourcing, with its opportunity to save money, energy and time, is worth exploring.