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Par Level Management Series: How Buying Linens Saves Money

Spending money on linens in the short term to save money in the long term is one of those par level management secrets you’ll just have to take our word for – for now. When you see the savings stacking up, you’ll understand how that upfront investment in luxury hotel bedding, guest room and pool towels, […]

How to Hold Your Hotel Laundry Provider Accountable

Working with a hotel laundry provider should be a dream – you’re realizing savings in cost, time and resources and turning over your linens to professionals.  So if anything about your current laundry contract is keeping you up at night, keep in mind that you do have options for making things better. If you’re still operating […]

Par Level Management Series: Laundry Inventory Best Practices

Par level management gets its own series not because we’re obsessed with having enough pars – OK, yes, we are – but because we know how important it is to smooth sailing for properties big and small. The core of strong par level management is good inventory practices, and we’ve found that you can’t have one without […]

Benefits of Outsourcing Hotel Laundry & Overcoming Objections

For many in the hospitality industry, the benefits of outsourcing hotel laundry are clear – substantial savings in money, time and resources – but not everyone is convinced. And they make their objections known. Complaints and concerns about cost, linen damage and property mix-ups are the most common, as well as some creative what-ifs we won’t even […]

Hurricane Irma and Why It’s So Important to Have Laundry Backup

With its 17 named storms and 10 hurricanes – including Hurricane Irma – the 2017 season isn’t one we’ll soon forget. We all learned a lot last year about our resilience and willingness to help each other, and one of the other key takeaways for hotels we’d like to address is the importance of having laundry […]

Are You Buying the Right Linens for Outsourcing Hotel Laundry Services?

Outsourcing hotel laundry services is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your property, and while it will make life easier for you and your staff, there are steps you need to take ahead of time to make the most of your investment.  One of those is making sure you’re outfitted with the […]

Par Level Management Series: Are You Ready for Leisure Travel Season?

You’ve cruised through the first quarter of the year and you’re feeling confident about your par level management. And then they arrive: leisure travelers. Squeezed into rooms next to the business travelers who only use one of the two beds in their rooms and half of the towels are families of four or more who […]

Commercial Laundry Service Spotlight: Room-Ready Bundles

One of the benefits of being the commercial laundry service of choice for so many high-end properties is the chance to tailor offerings based on what they need. We understand that our hospitality clients are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency, enhance productivity and decrease costs, all in the name of guest satisfaction. As […]

Stain Removal Hacks for Laundry for Hotels

Ask anyone in the business of laundry for hotels what keeps them up at night, and one thing will make it on to everyone’s list: Stains. And, more importantly, stain removal. No matter how much you’ve invested in your luxury hotel bedding, towels and robes, pool towels and table linens, they’re often no match for […]

How to Increase Par Levels Hotel Laundry Tips

This discussion of how to increase par levels hotel laundry tips may be too late to help you for Spring Break, but we hope it jumpstarts your preparations for the summer high season. Memorial Day and the Fourth of July will mean not only more occupied rooms but more guests per room as families and […]