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3 Reasons Your Linen Partner Should Offer Tunnel Washer Technology

Outsourcing to a linen partner can result in great efficiencies that can keep you focused on your core deliverables. The key to success is to pick a laundry partner that can provide expertise, performance, service, and of course, quality equipment. And one of the most important things to look for when it comes to equipment […]

So, You Want to Outsource Your On-Property Laundry. Now What?

Whether you’re operating a hospital, hotel, restaurant or any establishment that calls for quality, clean, and fresh linens and towels, the decision to outsource your on-property laundry can be one of the most effective you can make. 

5 Qualities to Look for in a Hotel Laundry Service

Operating an on-property laundry service can call for a lot of resources, both environmental and financial. According to experts at Lodging Magazine, a 400-room hotel operating at 65% occupancy can average over a million pounds of laundry per year.

How to Go Green by Outsourcing Hotel Laundry Service

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword for hotels and resorts. But concentrating too many resources on conservation and energy efficiency can quickly put managers and owners into the business of the environment, instead of the business of hospitality. 

Best Practices for Hotel Laundry Emergency Preparedness

During major emergencies, communities rely on the hospitality industry for housing and shelter, and the industry, in turn, relies on hotel laundry operations. Hotels operating an on-property laundry, or OPL, may not fully appreciate the importance of their laundry capabilities until it’s too late and they’re left unable to effectively accommodate guests, evacuees, emergency workers […]

Par Level Management Series: How Much Loss is Too Much?

Good par level management is not a one-and-done proposition: As we’ve said, making sure you have enough pars on hand at all times means conducting inventory frequently, ordering linens to keep up with losses and being ready for high and low seasons.