Are You Buying the Right Linens for Outsourcing Hotel Laundry Services?

Outsourcing hotel laundry services is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your property, and while it will make life easier for you and your staff, there are steps you need to take ahead of time to make the most of your investment. Are You Buying the Right Linens for Outsourcing Hotel Laundry Services

One of those is making sure you’re outfitted with the right kinds of linens. Not all luxury hotel sheets and towels are made to withstand the rigors of commercial laundry machines, and we’d hate to have you find out the hard way that your current linen stock isn’t going to cut it.

Keep reading for tips to making sure that you’re buying the right linens for outsourcing hotel laundry services.

Linen Cycle of Life

You obviously want to get as many guest-facing uses out of linens as possible before sending them to the rag pile or trash, and if you’re outsourcing hotel laundry services, it pays to understand the role that linen quality plays in the equation.

The Heat is On

Your property’s washer and dryer may be the pride of your on-premise laundry room, but they’re no match for the high-tech machines at a commercial laundry service. Temperatures in the tunnel washers and dryers are much higher at a laundry service, and the ironers that ensure sheets are both clean and crisp clock in at a toasty 320 degrees.

That high heat puts more pressure on linens, particularly those made of cotton. We all know that cotton swells when it gets wet and contracts as it dries. Sheets that aren’t of a high enough quality or haven’t been preshrunk to withstand the heat of a commercial laundry process will continue to shrink.

Anyone who’s ever gotten complaints from housekeeping staff who find themselves wrestling with fitted sheets to get them onto guest beds knows exactly what we mean.

High Quality Withstands High Heat

The solution to this shrinking problem is to source high-quality sheets and other linens that have a proven track record of standing up to commercial laundry machines.

Your current linens may continue to work, but remember that they haven’t truly been tested, especially if you haven’t been using an ironer at your property, for instance.

You’ve got three great sources for helping to source the right linens:

  • Your linen supplier: They’re invested in making sure that you’re happy with the products you buy, and they’ll be knowledgeable about durability and lifecycle.
  • Your commercial laundry provider: If they’ve been around for any amount of time in the hospitality industry, chances are, they’ve seen it all. They’ll have the most accurate insights on what linens stand up to their particular machines and processes.
  • Your peers: You aren’t the first property of your size or type to choose outsourcing hotel laundry services, and other hotels or resorts in your market or others can give the thumbs-up or thumbs-down to products you’re considering.

Your Cotton’s Origin Story Matters

Once upon a time, in a land that’s ideally not too far away, your sheets and towels were manufactured. Experience has shown that the best, most durable linens are those made domestically. Those manufacturers have the most control over their mills and the most reliable quality assurance. The old adage is true: You get what you pay for.

Sheets made using less expensive imported cotton may cost less upfront but will cost more in the long run as they have to be replaced more frequently. You can pay less and get five or six washes tops vs. paying more and getting up to 40 washes and sheets that still fit.

Look for sheets with a higher thread count, which tend to hold up better.

Choose Wisely

If you’re considering outsourcing hotel laundry services, it’s worth it to take all of the necessary steps to maximize your investment. Sourcing the right linens will position your partnership to be successful, leading to happy staff and even happier guests.