An Insider’s Look at High-Tech Hotel Laundry Equipment

a-look-at-high-tech-laundry-equipment.jpgFor a commercial laundry service that specializes in hospitality, hotel laundry equipment isn’t just an important investment, it’s the brains of the operation.

High-tech equipment must meet the demands of large hotel laundry service clients, thoroughly clean luxury hotel sheets and towels and do it all using fewer natural and human resources.

To get a sense for what that all looks like, here’s an insider’s look at high-tech hotel laundry equipment.

Trusted Brands

In addition to reducing hotel laundry service cost, outsourcing with a commercial service offers access to the most modern equipment.

There are several brands of hotel laundry equipment that large-scale, eco-friendly commercial laundry services trust to handle massive quantities of linens with care: 

  • Girbau
  • Jensen
  • Kannegiesser
  • Lavatec

Eco-friendly Features & Technology

A great deal of thought and engineering has gone into ensuring that commercial laundry machines are as energy- and labor-efficient as possible.

Here are some of the features and technology that set eco-friendly hotel laundry equipment apart: 

Digital displays and controls: The sophisticated controls for high-tech laundry equipment aren’t just for starting and ending cycles. The controls accurately keep track of linen’s journey through the laundry process through data such as property of origin, weight and material type.

Tunnel washer technology: Tunnel washers are commercial laundry game changers that specialize in doing more with less. They’re equipped with a long metal tunnel used to launder linens. A large metal spiral in the center of the tunnel pushes soiled linens from one end and clean water from the other so that linens become cleaner as they move through the process. Tunnel washers like the kind made by Jensen have 14 chambers, each with its cleaning function. Jensen washers use an internal water reclaim system to save water and energy, and linens can be handled using four times less water than conventional equipment.

Compressors: Modern washers have high-powered compressors that squeeze excess water out of linens before they’re transported to the dryers. 

Commercial dryers with built-in sensors: Energy efficient dryers are designed to turn off when they sense that linens are dry, preventing the over drying that can damage fibers and waste energy. Drying cycles can be set according to the type of linens being handled, meaning dryers can be programmed to leave sheets slightly damp so that they can be thoroughly dried as they go through the ironing process.

Non-toxic cleaning chemicals: It’s no longer true that detergents and other cleaners must contain harsh chemicals to be effective. Today, it’s possible to be both tough on stains and gentle on the environment. At a large-scale commercial laundry, cleaning chemicals are entirely biodegradable and free of NPE, phosphate, EDTA, NTA and aromatic solvents. 

People Power 

Having the right hotel laundry equipment is important, and just as crucial is having great staff to operate it. Commercial laundry service employees know that you and your guests are relying on them for a great night’s sleep, the perfect post-pool towel and table linens that give every event a touch of elegance.

Machines are the brains of the operation, but the people are its heart and soul. It’s the people who are tasked with pickup and delivery, weighing, sorting, folding, transporting, maintenance and repairs. The people are the ones who will alert your property about unexpected or suspicious damage to your linens and who will separate and return keepsakes from guests that are found in laundry for hotels.

Behind the Curtain

So there you have it, a peek behind the curtain of what kinds of hotel laundry equipment makes a commercial laundry service tick, as well as insight into the people who keep it running.