7 Things About Commercial Laundry Service Your Boss Wants to Know

7-things-your-boss-wants-to-know-about-commercial-laundry-service.jpgYou’ve read about the pros and cons of commercial laundry equipment for hospitality, and you’re leaning toward outsourcing to a commercial laundry service to reap the cost savings, better efficiency by housekeeping staff and smaller carbon footprint.

Now you just have to convince your boss.

To help prepare for the conversation, here are seven things about commercial laundry service your boss wants to know before they’re ready to make a decision.

How Will the Commercial Laundry Service Identify Our Linens?

One of the main benefits of outsourcing to a commercial laundry service is that they use the latest, most high-tech equipment to keep their operations running smoothly, and that includes the ability to identify, isolate and track each customer’s laundry.

Commercial laundry services use technology such as bar code scanning, machines that have each customer’s specifications pre-loaded and digital tracking equipment to eliminate the chance of intermingling.

What Is the Commercial Laundry’s Turnaround Time?

Laundry services, particularly those what work in the hospitality sector, understand the importance of turning linens around quickly, and they’ve banked their business on their ability to do so.

Let your boss know that one day, or 24 hours, is a typical turnaround time.

Do They Offer Pickup and Delivery?

Commercial laundry services have perfected the art of offering full service, and they’re working to make partnering with them as easy for you as possible. That means they’ll pick up your linens, turn them around quickly and safely delivery them at a time you’ve both decided upon.

If your boss is curious about the possibility of delays, you can ask potential laundry vendors what their on-time percentage is for the facility you’ll be working with.

Hospitality is a Business That Never Rests – Are They?

Commercial laundry services that work with hotels, resorts and spas know that your work begins as other people’s vacations are starting, and that includes all hours of the day and night as well as holidays.

Make sure your commercial laundry service can guarantee delivery 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What Money Will We Save by Outsourcing Our Laundry Service?

Your boss may not fully appreciate how much money your on-premise laundry is costing you until it’s gone. Commercial laundry equipment is expensive to acquire, run and maintain, and there are the hidden costs such as making sure staff are fully trained on how to properly use it.

In addition to the equipment, supplies and labor costs, outsourcing can save you money related to utilities, taxes and required licenses and permits. You’ll also gain valuable floor space that you can dedicate to something more directly related to guest services or staff support.

Is a Commercial Laundry Service Really More Eco-Friendly?

Commercial laundry services must be energy efficient and sustainably run in order to survive. That means having the best laundry equipment that saves money and energy in terms of electricity, gas, water and labor. Not only is their equipment eco-friendly, their operations are automated for maximum efficiency.

They’re also committed to using eco-friendly detergents and other sustainable products that are free of toxins and dangerous chemicals.

Can We Start with Outsourcing Some of our Laundry Service?

The right commercial laundry partner will come up with a plan that makes the most sense for your property and addresses your concerns, especially if that includes wanting to take it slow.

It isn’t uncommon for hospitality properties to outsource some of their laundry service while keeping some in-house, and it can be used as either an intermediate step or ongoing plan.

You and your boss can rest assured: Commercial laundry services run eco-friendly, energy efficient businesses that are tailored to the main industries they serve, including hospitality. A commercial laundry service partner will understand your unique challenges so you’ll feel confident leaving the dirty work to them.