5 Things About Luxury Hotel Rooms Guests Love

things-guests-love-about-luxury-hotel-rooms.jpgBy the time guests walk into luxury hotel rooms, they’re already feeling the wow: the property is beautiful, check-in was flawless, staff have been outstanding and the anticipation is building for accommodations that exceed the already high expectations.

 You want the room to continue that sense of awe with amenities and touches guests will rave about on social media and to friends and family. Some of the adjectives guests use online to describe luxury hotel rooms are “elegant,” “posh,” “impressive” and “fantastic.” For some insight into what they’re so excited about, here are five things about luxury hotel rooms guests love.

 Enviable Views

Guests want everything in their luxury hotel rooms to impress, but a stunning view is the first thing that will catch their eyes and the last thing they’ll want to forget. For properties lucky enough to have Mother Nature as your exterior designer, giving your most luxurious rooms unobstructed views of the water, mountains, or forest is key. For urban properties, guests love being able to see nearby attractions, well-appointed pools or courtyards, or the cityscape.

High-End Tech

You don’t have to go as far as the 24-karat-gold iPads offered at some international destinations, but guests do appreciate when their luxury rooms have high-tech gadgetry or state-of-the-art audio visual systems. Even regular iPads that can be used to contact staff or virtually explore the hotel’s neighborhood or nearby attractions will suffice. And guests enjoy being able to listen to their own music through premium-quality speakers using provided adapters.

To make the most of the room’s breathtaking views, give guests the chance to control when they see it with touch-screen controls for the shades or curtains, particularly those that can be accessed from bed.

Tech isn’t just for the bedroom or living room, either, with properties offering wall-mounted TVs above bathtubs and waterproof remotes. International guests – or adventurous domestic ones – also enjoy tech-driven toilets with sensors, heated seats and sophisticated control panels.

Maximized Minibars

With a few key questions asked before guests’ arrival, some luxury hotels offer minibars pre-stocked with guests’ favorites. And minibars aren’t just about food and drinks anymore, they can be an extension of a luxury property’s lifestyle brand. Hotels are showcasing not only locally produced wines and liquors paired with artisan snacks, they’re offering candles with the property’s signature scent or personal care products sure to spark romance.

Spa-Quality Baths

You’ll know your luxury hotel room bath has arrived when you spot photos of it on Pinterest and Instagram posted by guests who are giddy about its design.  Tubs built for two, showers with so many streams and attachments they resemble a car wash and private toilet chambers are just some of the bath amenities guests give high marks for. Well-designed gathrooms also offer the opportunity to highlight your property’s overall aesthetic, whether it’s classic, rustic or Art Deco.

Top-tier toiletries are also a must, from salon-inspired shampoos to sumptuous body care products from the most recognizable luxury brands.

Specialized Butler Service

Luxury hotels are increasingly offering butler service for guests, with common tasks including packing and unpacking luggage, running baths, serving in-room meals and personal shopping for clothing and events. Some properties are taking the practice a step further with butlers for specialized tasks such as ensuring poolside guests have a consistent coating of sunscreen or tending fires in rooms with fireplaces or outdoor fire pits.

 For guests, luxury hotel rooms are either a reflection of the way they live at home or a temporary high-end oasis from the everyday. Either way, they’re looking for unique experiences, from what they see outside to being pampered inside, and details make all the difference.