5 Reasons to Use Environmentally-Friendly Hotel Cleaning Products

environmentally-friendly-cleaning-products.jpgYour hotel cleaning products are the unsung heroes of your housekeeping organization – they ensure your property meets guests’ high expectations, and the right products save staff time and resources. So why not make sure those products are environmentally friendly as well as hard working?

 Using environmentally-friendly hotel cleaning products for some or all of your property’s upkeep is not only good for the environment, it’s good for staff, guests and your reputation as a leader in the green hospitality movement. With all of the plant- and mineral-based products currently available, it’s easier than ever to be green.

 Here are just five of the reasons to make the switch. Environmentally-friendly hotel cleaning products are:

Safer for Staff and Guests

Medical research is clear that while traditional, chemical-based cleaning products are tough on dirt, they can also be tough on our bodies. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified the chemicals found in cleaning products as one of the main causes for indoor air quality problems and the corresponding health issues, from temporary eye, nose and throat irritation to long-term organ damage and asthma. One European study found that female housekeepers had twice the rate of respiratory problems as their non-housekeeper counterparts.

To be certified as environmentally-friendly, cleaning products must have low to no toxicity,  meet stringent health standards and be less likely to build up in the body over time. Having eco-friendly vacuum cleaners and floor maintenance equipment is also key to ensuring good indoor air quality. Vacuums with HEPA filtration systems, for instance, capture nearly 100 percent of airborne particles.

Better for the Environment

Traditional cleaning products aren’t just impacting air quality inside your property, they’re having downstream effects once they’re sent down your drains and released outdoors. The chemicals found in cleaning products have been linked to smog, water pollution and damage to the ozone layer.

Environmentally-friendly products have to meet standards that ensure low toxicity to aquatic plant and animal life, as well as standards for biodegradability and air quality. Green products also typically use recycled packaging that minimizes waste and enhances sustainability.

A Key Element of a Green Marketing Campaign

Touting your use of environmentally-friendly hotel cleaning products lets ecologically-minded guests know that you’re committed to being as green as possible. While you and your competitors are both likely bragging about your recycling programs and energy efficiency campaigns, you’ll set yourself apart with cleaning products that match the same shade of green as the rest of your operations.

A Requirement for LEED Certification

 LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the globally recognized eco-friendly certification system managed by the U.S. Green Building Council. New and existing structures can apply for one of four rating levels determined by points, and a green cleaning program is a mandatory prerequisite for certification and re-certification.

The Future of the Industry

As the number and variety of eco-friendly hotel cleaning products has exploded over time, more hospitality and facilities experts are predicting that green will become the norm and not the exception. Several large hotel chains have committed to using environmentally-friendly cleaning products exclusively, and some buildings – such as schools and government facilities – now even require it.

Now that you’re sold on using environmentally-friendly hotel cleaning products for some or all of your needs, be sure to choose products that are actually as green as they claim to be and that you’re not falling prey to the deceptive practice known as “greenwashing.” Look for the nod from the three major eco-friendly product certification organizations: Green Seal, the EPA’s Safer Choice program, and EcoLogo by UL.