4 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your Hotel Laundry

4-signs-its-time-to-outsource-your-hotel-laundryIf you’re looking for a sign that it’s time to shut down your on-property laundry, or OPL, and outsource your hotel laundry: This is it.

We’re speaking on behalf of your property’s aging laundry equipment, the spa staff who are eager to expand their footprint and everyone on your executive team who’s pressuring you to cut costs – again.

In fact, we don’t just have one sign, we’ve got 4 that it’s time to outsource your hotel laundry once and for all.

Your Commercial Laundry Equipment is Taking You to the Cleaners

When it’s all working well, your commercial washers, dryers and ironers are worth their weight in gold. But when they aren’t, all of that gold is going to increasingly costly maintenance and repairs.

If you’re facing another expensive fix or maintenance contract, that’s a sizable sign that it’s time to retire your equipment from day-to-day use and outsource your laundry to a service that specializes in the hotel industry.

Let your laundry vendor maintain their own state-of-the-art equipment, including tunnel washers and sensor-equipped dryers. Their machines can process more loads for less money and, most importantly, zero hassle.

You Have More Ideas Than Space

Spa staff want bigger locker rooms, your executive team is expanding and guests are clamoring for more conference facilities or even an onsite coffee shop.

It makes more sense to repurpose existing space than start trying to build something new, but where will you get the square footage from?

You guessed it: the laundry room.

Properties that have already shut down their OPLs have transformed all of that space into everything described above: larger spas, team offices, conference venues and coffee shops. It turns an area that was costing you money into a revenue generator.  

You’re Looking To Cut Costs

Let’s face it, a commercial laundry service is in the business of being more efficient than you are. The right provider has invested in the equipment, technology, staff and facilities to handle high-quality hotel linens using less water, gas, electricity, time and resources.

Their operations are more cost-effective, and they pass those savings along to their hospitality clients.

If you’d like the see the math for yourself, give the OPL Cost Calculator a try to determine the true cost of your laundry, including both direct costs such as labor and chemicals and indirect costs like maintenance and equipment value depreciation.

With that comprehensive calculation in hand, you can compare your existing laundry cost to the quotes you get from laundry services in your area.

Quote comparison pro tip: When you’re gathering estimates from vendors, make sure you’re comparing apples-to-apples. Do they all charge for clean pounds, not dirty? Do their quotes include delivery and sorting? Do they provide scales with their service? These are all good questions to ask before weighing your options and making a decision. 

You Want to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A laundry service’s ability to use fewer resources with high-tech equipment makes it both cost-effective and energy efficient. As travelers become more environmentally conscious, they want to know that the properties hosting them share the same values.

Markers of a sustainable laundry service include:

  • Tunnel washers and practices that use up to four times less water than conventional washers
  • High-efficiency boilers that generate steam for irons and natural gas for dryers
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic chemicals

You’ve Seen the Sign

If you’re seeing even one of these signs, let alone all three, you know it’s time to outsource your hotel laundry. You stand to save money, space and time and gain so much more.{{cta(‘db312708-8c89-421b-b542-5832624dee4a’,’justifycenter’)}}