4 Reasons Hotel Laundry Service Can Get Linens Cleaner

4-reasons-hotel-laundry-service-can-get-linens-cleanerHotel and resort management calls for quality service across multiple areas: Guest service, amenities, food and drink, room management, human resources, marketing – the list goes on.

One key component is providing clean linen for all guests, including towels, bedding, robes and bath mats. While doing laundry on property can be done, with so many other things to juggle, it may be challenging to ensure it’s getting done properly. For many hotels and resorts, outsourcing hotel laundry service can get linens cleaner than what their inhouse machines can do onsite, and give managers and owners greater peace of mind.

Systems for handling soiled and clean linen

First off, quality hotel laundry service vendors have a way to immediately remove soiled linen from delivery vehicles. This allows them to get into the cleaning process sooner and for more accurate sorting and tracking.

Batches of dry or conditioned linen discharged from the washroom can be delivered to the needed finishing machines. With systems for handling soiled and clean linen, used items can get the attention they need, without getting held up. Washers can be automatically fed, capacity of machines can be improved, and there is less re-wash and damaged linen.

Tunnel washers

Tunnel washers used by hotel laundry service providers can ensure a better quality clean. For example, Crown Linen uses the Jensen Senking Universal batch tunnel washers that have been improved with QuickSoak and FlexRinse.

Textile and linen professionals report that QuickSoak offers higher productivity based on “faster soaking in the first compartment, higher mechanical actions, faster soil removal and an improved distribution of chemicals.”

Further, FlexRinse provides total batch integrity, which makes it possible to run colors and whites back to back without concerns of colors running. The two together make the tunnel washer an efficient and effective reason a hotel laundry service can get linens cleaner.

Quality ironing

A third way a hotel laundry service can get linens cleaner is through more effective and efficient ironing processes. For example, Crown Linen uses the Jenroll EXPG 2000, which is a self-contained mono-roll gas ironer for top-quality ironing.

This results in optimized evaporation capacity and excellent finishing quality, all with reduced energy consumption. The technology further uses the scraper plates instead of ironer plates so there are no tape marks on the linen.

Quality detergents

Finally, a professional and quality linen partner recognizes that the quality of the clean is based on equal parts equipment and cleaning agent. Crown Linen uses the finest and purest cleaning agents, Ecolab detergents, which are registered by the EPA and involve a powerful combination of high-performing chemistry. Chemicals are 100% biodegradable and free of NPE, phosphate, EDTA, NTA and aromatic solvents, allowing for deep thorough cleaning without harsh toxins.

Crown Linen further uses precision pumps to dole out specified amounts for each laundry load, reducing the risk of waste and build up that can harm not only the environment but the quality of the clean.

Simply, often a hotel laundry service can get linens cleaner than what you’re able to do on property. Plus it literally puts your linens in the hands of a professional partner, freeing up valuable space, resources, time and energy to focus on other aspects of hospitality. It keeps you out of the laundry, and in front of your guests concentrating on other ways to enhance the guest experience.

If you’re looking to invest in an offsite linen partner, this Ultimate Guide to Transitioning to a Hotel Laundry Service provides more information. And for a comparison of on-property laundry and outsourcing costs and benefits for hotels and resorts, download the “Why Outsource?” free guide.