10 Things We All Love About Luxury Hotel Rooms

10-things-we-all-love-about-luxury-hotel-rooms.jpgFor many travelers, just the words “luxury hotel room” conjure up memories of that perfect hotel bed, the Jacuzzi big enough to sleep in and oh, those robes. For luxury hotels, creating exceptional guest experiences is the rule, not the exception, and it all comes down to the details.

While every property is unique, there are some common themes and amenities that put luxury hotels a step – or more – ahead of the rest. With that in mind, here are 10 things we all love about luxury hotel rooms.

Immediate ‘Wow’ Factor

And we mean “Wow,” as in the first word out of guests’ mouths when they open the door to their luxury hotel room. Whether your property’s rooms exude understated elegance or over-the-top design, the first impression is crucial.

Welcome Treats

Once guests step in to their room, having a welcome food or drink set out sets the stage for a stay that will anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. Local chocolates, small bottles of bubbly or those salty snacks everyone raves about are all welcome treats that will be welcomed.

‘Can I Take This Home with Me?’ Bed

Everything about the luxury hotel bed is driven by the promise of a fantastic night’s sleep, from the frame, to the mattress, to the linens. The beds deliver so well, in fact, that most of the major hospitality chains offer branded bedding for sale, and retailers have hotel-inspired linen lines.  

The hotel bed is so important to the whole experience that properties should invest not only in the beds and linens themselves, but also in their care. Partnering with a commercial linen service that specializes in luxury hotel linen can be a great option for ensuring that bedding is properly prepared for its job in pampering guests. 

Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

The “5-piece bathroom” is not only a staple in luxury homes, it’s become a must for luxury hotels as well. Guests love the spaciousness and flexibility of having two sinks + a walk-in shower + a Jacuzzi tub large enough for two + a separate toilet area.

Designer Toiletries

Designer bath products are an extension of the spa bathroom, adding to the overall ahhh feel. Products that are locally produced can add even more character and solidify your brand’s signature.

Robust Robes

 There’s nothing like stepping out of the sumptuous shower or tub and into the arms of a super-soft robe. Yet another reason to make sure your on-premise laundry or laundry partner is up to the task of keeping your linens in top shape.

Local Flavor

The best luxury hotel properties work on appealing to all of guests’ senses, from aromatic bath soaps, to soft linens, to local delicacies. In-room offerings that are locally or regionally sourced help create an unforgettable sensory experience and lead guests to associate your property with the best [fill in the artisanal treat here] they ever had.

High-Tech Features

Black-out curtains that can be opened or closed with the touch of a button, electronic do-not-disturb buttons and state-of-the-art sound systems are just some of the features that can transform a luxury hotel room into a futuristic oasis. Access to amenities like room service or housekeeping from the TV or a guest’s mobile phone is also a low-key way to go high-tech.

Eco-friendly Design Touches

For weary travelers, luxury hotel room touches that draw inspiration from nature, such as woodwork or stonework, can be both soothing and highlight the property’s commitment to the environment. Bringing the outside in is a way to repurpose the natural elements and evoke a sense of tranquility.

Branded Giveaways

Once they get home, guests will love being able to relive their amazing stay at your property every time they drink from the branded, complimentary wine glass or water bottle you left in the room. Even a small token of appreciation can go a long way toward keeping your brand name top of mind and passively spreading the word, particularly for an item that a business traveler can take back to the office. 

Luxury hotel rooms are the gold standards for the hospitality industry and set the bar high for the best of what a guest experience can be. The 10 things we all love about luxury hotel rooms will likely continue to shift over time, but exceeding guests’ expectations will always remain the motivation.